Romance in Richmond Park

I am so happy with the last piece I created before coming to California. I was working on it at 5 am the morning that we left!
This is a romantic piece based on the place where Jonathan proposed to Becky, Pen Ponds, in Richmond Park.
The wonderful thing working with collage is being able to include lots of references, the old maps of Richmond park, dates, the bits of music, as Becky is a pianist. A personal romantic favourite, a bit of text from Carmina Burana, “Toto tibi subdo me” , I give myself to you totally.
The trees are named for the couple and their children, the two large trees sort of holding hand in the foreground with the children’s trees down life’s path. I love the idea that trees can communicate, and are deeply connected, as are the members of this family.
Green parrots (or parakeets?, I’m not sure) fly across the centre of the painting for a spark of life and spirit.

Thank you to Becky for commissioning this piece. it was a joy to create.